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Rules & Etiquette

  • Do not block anyone’s driveway ever, even temporarily.

  • Do not speak in loud voices or engage in indiscreet conversation where neighbors can hear you.

  • Do not wear inappropriate clothing while outside or in the neighborhood. Always wear vanilla clothes outside of the space. There are plenty of places to change once inside.

  • Do not have BDSM gear sticking out of your bags while outside or in the neighborhood.

Outside Rules


House Rules

  • No illegal drugs.

  • No illegal activities.

  • No non-consensual activities.

  • No one under 21 years old

  • No play allowed with anyone under the influence of mind-altering drugs.

  • No unsupervised use of bondage, blindfolds, or gags.

  • No blood play without permission.

  • No fire play unless okayed by owners.

  • No gun play.

  • No wax play around rugs or carpet without a disposable surface barrier.

  • No smoking inside. (If smoking outside, dispose of cigarette butts responsibly)

  • Thoroughly negotiate safe words or gestures before entering into a scene.

  • Do not violate expressed boundaries.

  • Do not take photos without consent.

  • Do not go into closed off areas.

  • Do not leave the front door open.

  • All play is risk aware and includes informed consent between adults of legal age.

  • If you are using the hot tub, please shower beforehand and refrain from sexual activities in there.

Cleaning Etiquette

  • Turn up the lights to clean! Dim dungeons can lead to missed hazards like lube spills.

  • Use the cavicide spray or wipes provided to clean all used and exposed surfaces, including but not limited to; implements, mirrors, floors, walls, furniture, and lube bottles.

  • Use the condoms provided as a barrier for any insertables or vibrators that do not belong to you.

  • Throw away used disposables in the garbage.

  • Turn off all lights, heat, fans, and music.

  • Return all used items, including furniture and equipment, back to where you found them.

  • Thoroughly wipe up any floor messes or spills to avoid tracking and falls. Alcohol is good for spilled lube

  • Place dirty linens in the basket provided.

  • If you do not wish to clean, an additional fee of $75 will be applied to your total. (Advanced notice required)

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