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Private Lessons

Fill out this Form or feel free to email us at for more details and to schedule your private class!


Classes include, but not limited to: BDSM 101/201, Tantra & Rope, Supporting a Stressed Out Partner, Genital Torture, Healthy vs Unhealthy BDSM Dynamics, Training for Dominants, Training for Submissives, Beginning Bondage Techniques, How to Take Control in the Bedroom, Erotic Hypnosis, Spanking, Heavy Impact and Rough Body Play, The Art of Tease and Denial, Couples Meditation, Sharps/Needle Play, Fire Play, Wax Play, Consensual Non-Consent, and so much more.


For a complete list of class offerings and to see a full description of the classes, CLICK HERE!


90 minute Classes with Miss Mackenzee and/or Parker Leigh

$250 for up to 6 people

Email us if your group will be larger.


Special packages available for birthdays, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Create a fun night that you and yours will never forget. This will truly be a unique experience for all involved that will be catered to your needs.


If you wish to book playtime with Miss Mackenzee, please fill out her booking request form HERE.


If you wish to book playtime with Miss Parker Leigh, please fill out her booking request form HERE.


If you book Miss Mackenzee and/or Miss Parker Leigh, your time can include education by having them answer questions along the way and/or showing a partner new skills or techniques.

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